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Fiber In Foods

"If you want to lose weight and keep disease away, eat 40 grams of fiber, every single day!"

Remember, fiber is found only in plant foods-there is no fiber in meat or dairy products. Try keeping track of just how much you are getting in a day. The average American gets about 10 grams a day-a far cry from where we should be. This information will help you on your journey to better health. The recipes on this website, and in this book have the dietary fiber listed for each recipe. These fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, and nuts can supplement your recipe to bring your total up.

Fiber Content in Fruit

Avocado-1 med.. 12 gm
Papaya-1 med.. 5.5 gm
Pear-1 med.. 5.5 gm
Dried figs-5. 5.0 gm
Apple-1 med.. 4.4 gm
Raspberries-½ C. 4.0 gm
Blackberries-½ C. 4.0 gm
Shredded coconut-½ C. 4.0 gm
Blueberries-1 C . 3.6 gm
Prunes-3. 3.5 gm
Strawberries-1 C. 3.3 gm
Orange-1. 3.1 gm
Banana-1 . 3.1 gm
Mango-1 C . 3.0 gm
Guava-1 . 3.0 gm
Kiwi-1. 2.5 gm
Cranberries-½ C. 2.0 gm
Pineapple-1 C. 2.0 gm
Grapefruit-½. 1.7 gm
Peach-1 med.. 1.6 gm
Apricots-2. 1.5 gm
Date-1.. 1.5 gm
Cantaloupe-¼ sm.. 1.4 gm
Raisins-2 Tbs. 1.3 gm

Fiber Content in Vegetables*

Peas. 4.4 gm
Brussels sprouts . 4.0 gm
Corn. 4.0 gm
Baked potato with skin-1 med.. 4.0 gm
Sweet potatos/Yams. 3.8 gm
Winter squash. 3.0 gm
Hominy. 3.0 gm
Carrots-1 raw or ½ C cooked. 2.3 gm
Broccoli. 2.5 gm
Spinach, collard greens. 2.1 gm
Romaine lettuce-2 C. 2.0 gm
Asparagus. 2.0 gm
Green beans. 2.0 gm
Okra or turnips . 2.0 gm
Beets . 1.6 gm
Bean sprouts . 1.5 gm
Kale. 1.3 gm
Zucchini, cooked & sliced. 1.2 gm
Mushrooms, raw. 1.0 gm
Summer squash . 1.0 gm
Tomato-1 med.. 1.5 gm
Lettuce. 0.5 gm
Cauliflower, raw-1 floret . 0.3

Fiber Content in Legumes*

Navy beans. 9.5 gm
Black beans . 7.5 gm
Lentils, pinto beans . 7.0 gm
Large lima beans. 6.6 gm
Garbonzos. 6.2 gm
Kidney beans. 5.5 gm
Split peas, cooked. 4.

Fiber Content in Nuts & Grains

Pearled barley—1 C, cooked. 6.0 gm
Oats—1 C, cooked. 4.0 gm
Brown rice—1 C, cooked. 3.5 gm
Nuts/seeds—¼ C. 3.0 gm
Ground flax seeds—1 Tbs. 2.5 gm
Chia seeds—1 Tbs. 2.5 gm
Peanut butter—1 Tbs. 1.0 gm
Almond butter–1 Tbs. 1.0 gm
Wheat germ—1 Tbs. 1.0 gm

*(1/2 C cooked, unless noted)